This post continues with the theme of job loss, but today I want to focus on those of you who’ve said to me, “Help! I’m being laid off from my job!

Tamisha Grant Beats the Being Laid Off Blues!So what should you do if you’re faced with the prospect of being laid off? Since I’ve never been laid off, I went to someone who has for the insider’s scoop. Today, Tamisha Grant, former project manager tells us her story.

Being Laid Off From My Job…One Sister’s Story

Q. Tamisha, tell my readers some of your story. What was going on when it hit you, “Wow! I’m being laid off from my job!”

A. I had been at this particular job for a year. In the beginning things were great…I loved my job and I liked the people I worked with. But after about six months or so I noticed that the work was dwindling. We were a construction & design firm and the way we got work was by going out and bidding on projects. Well, the number of projects to bid on were few and far between because the economy was so bad at the time (2009-2010). Despite the signs: slow pace, no work to do, sending people home early all the time, I had no idea lay-offs would be coming! And then one day my boss called me into a meeting with her boss & the owner of the company. They told me they appreciated my hard work & they hated to have to do this, but they were going to have to let me go. It hit me like a ton of bricks, and I kept thinking was “This cannot be happening to me! I’m being laid off from my job. How are we going to survive? How can I tell my husband?”

Q. Wow, Tamisha, that had to be hard. How did the lay-off affect you and your family?

A. In an instant, my family went from two incomes to one, and it was a very scary thing to deal with. We were in the midst of planning a wedding and buying a house. So this changed everything for us. Whereas before the lay-off, my husband and I wouldn’t have thought twice about ordering out for dinner, or taking a trip to the mall, now we had to think twice about everything that wasn’t a necessity.

Q. What can you share with our readers to assist them in getting through the “I’m being laid off from my job” blues?

A. The biggest challenge is that you have to get control of your finances, especially if your situation is like mine was—going from two incomes to one. So, I have five tips to help your readers feel more in control of their financial situation:

Five Tips to Beat the “I’m Being Laid Off” Blues

  1. How much money do you have in savings? I’d always listened to people like Suze Orman say that you needed to have at least 6 months of your salary saved in an emergency fund, and in this case, it would’ve been smart of us to have taken her advice.
  2. Where can you eliminate spending right now? Is it cutting out the shopping trips or ordering out? Maybe you’ll have to stop buying that latte every day!
  3. What bills do you have that you can either get rid of OR cut down? Cable bill? Do you really need to watch TV? If not, cancel it. Do you have the highest cell phone plan? See if you can get one of the lower plans Keywords: plan, trim, cut!
  4. Where can you get creative? Can you sell off some things you don’t need in order to generate some extra cash? Do you have a hobby of some sort that you can turn into some extra income? It may be a while before you find yourself with another job, so think about some ways that you could bring in money in the meantime.
  5. Create a budget & stick to it! Every dollar you spend has to be spent with the mindset: “I’m being laid off or I’ve been laid off” Analyze your spending habits and after doing the steps above, create a budget and stick to it.

Q. Those are some great tips! Thanks, Tamisha, for being my guest. Two last things: How can my readers reach you and would you come back so that we can talk about the mental preparation for the “I’m being laid off” blues?

A. Your readers can visit my blog at And yes, I’d love to come back!

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Love ya!

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